Mistral Air’s pilot training school has been operating for over 20 years, providing professional training for flying personnel. It offers advanced preparation to professional pilots using efficient training tools and teaching staff with proven experience. Mistral Air has obtained from ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) the certification of its training centre as a ATO (Approved Training Organisation), under the European FCL standards.

Instruction at Mistral Air’s pilot training school includes courses for obtaining, revalidating and renewing a pilot type rating licence on Boeing 737 300/900 and ATR 42/72 aircraft and for obtaining a TRI (type rating instructor)/SFI (Synthetic Flight Instructor) rating on Boeing 737 300/900 and ATR 42/72 aircraft and the relative revalidation. Who the course is for: the course is only for those holding a CPL/IR (commercial pilot licence) and those holding a European ATPL licence (ATPL Frozen)

The course consists of:

  • Theory: knowledge of the aircraft and its performance. This is a classroom-based course that takes about 22 working days, with a final examination (multiple choice test) .
  • Practical programme: 16 hours of static simulation and 32 hours of flight simulation (full flight simulator) of which 16 are as PF ‘pilot flying’ and 16 as PM ‘pilot monitoring’.
  • Final examination: skill test of 4 hours plus the practical flight section, which includes a minimum of 6 take-offs and 6 landings with an aircraft.

Mistral Air’s pilot training school can provide qualified TRE’s (type rating examiners) for type rating renewal checks on Boeing 737 300/900 and ATR 42/72

Theoretical and practical course for the TRI/SFI rating on Boeing 737 300-900 and ATR 42/72 aircraft as per Eropean Regulation 1178/2011.

Refresh course for the revalidation of the TRI/SFI rating.