Mistral Air provides this channel to report, even anonymously, alleged violations of standards of professional conduct and / or ethical principles of the applicable law - internal and external - and / or illegal conduct fraudulent or related to employees, directors, officers, group companies or third parties (customers, suppliers, consultants, collaborators), which can determine, directly or indirectly, an economic-financial loss and / or the company image.

For reports concerning the issues related to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 refer to the organizational model adopted by the Company.

How to Report To allow the necessary findings is important to draw up a text that:

  • describe clearly and precisely where and when the alleged facts occurred;
  • contains the identity or other information allowing the identification of the perpetrators as stated;
  • indicate any individuals who can report on the alleged facts;
  • containing or referring to documents that confirm the validity of the complaint;
  • provide any other information or evidence that could provide a useful response to what is reported.

The message can also be made anonymously, but to ensure proper investigations it is important that personal details and references are included in the message in order to be contacted if necessary (name, surname, company he works for, telephone number). Mistral Air ensures that warnings and identity of those who carried out are managed in a manner that ensures the necessary confidentiality.

Before going any further, and communicate own personal data, the complainant is invited to read the following documents:

Policy Reports Abnormalities - Whistleblowing

Information regarding processing of personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree. N. 196 of 2003.

Applications should be sent by mail to: mistralcvs@posteitaliane.it

Alternatively you can also send it by regular mail to: Mistral Air - Valutazione Segnalazioni, Via del Faro 48-50 -00054 Fiumicino Rome Italy.